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Topic ClosedUNASSIGNED AIRPORTS - Revised 4 Mar 2006

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Licensed Member

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Direct Link To This Post Topic: UNASSIGNED AIRPORTS - Revised 4 Mar 2006
    Posted: May-29-2005 at 6:51am

Revised again 4th March 2006!!!!
Updated/revised information in bold!
Important updates regarding installation of Light Scenery for Russia! See Post #2.


Here is my investigation into the 380-ish airports in UT's database that are not assigned to airports in FS9 or are assigned to the wrong ones.
I.e. the "FS2004 Assignment Identifier" box in Utilities>Airports contains **** or the wrong ICAO code.
The result of **** is that no traffic is generated for any flightplans involving these airports. The result of having the wrong code is that the traffic flies to the wrong place!

The following airports in UT are not assigned or are incorrectly assigned, but the correct airports DO exist in FS9. So it is a simple matter to change the assignments to the ICAOs listed below. You will have to recompile to see the results!

Many of these still need Afcad files for the traffic to appear AT these airports, but you will at least see more traffic at other locations going to/coming from these airports!

IATA ICAO Airport name|Town|State/Country as named in UT

PTA TPO  Port Alsworth|Port Alsworth|Alaska
WWP 96Z  Whale Pass|Whale Pass|Alaska
(in FS9 as North Whale Pass)
BNK YBNA Ballina|Ballina|Australia
MOO YOOM Moomba|Moomba|Australia
CKS SBCJ Carajas|Carajas|Brazil
YBB CYBB Townsite Apt|Pelly Bay|Canada
YAX CKB6 Angling Lake|Angling Lake|Canada
(in FS9 as Wapakeka)
PLD MRCR Playa Samara|Playa Samara|Costa Rica
(in FS9 as Carillo)
TKP NTGT Takapoto|Takapoto|Fr Polynesia
TVU NFNM Matei|Taveuni|Fiji
HDF EDAH Heringsdorf|Heringsdorf|Germany
GBJ TFFM Les Bases Apt|Marie Galante|Guadeloupe
SMQ WRBS Sampit Apt|Sampit|Indonesia
SQR WAAS Soroako Apt|Soroako|Indonesia
BEJ WRLK Berau Apt|Berau|Indonesia
(in FS9 as Kalimaru. In reality Kalimarau Apt at Tanjungredep, capital of Berau region!)
TJG WRBN Tanjung Warukin Apt|Tanjung Warukin|Indonesia
OMH OITR Umieh Apt|Umieh|Iran
KKX RJKI Kikaiga Shima Apt|Kikaiga Shima|Japan
UAS HKSB Samburu Apt|Samburu|Kenya
HOE VLHS Houeisay Apt|Houeisay|Laos
ODY VLOS Oudomxay Apt|Oudomxay|Laos
SRX HLGD Sert Apt|Sert|Libya
BMD FMML Belo Apt|Belo|Madagascar
BJX MMLO Del Bajio Apt|Leon/Guanajuato|Mexico
KAW VYKT Kawthaung Apt|Kawthaung|Myanmar
PAC MPMG Paitilla Apt|Panama City|Panama
LSA AYKA Losuia Apt|Losuia|Papua New Guinea
(in FS9 as Kiriwina)
CGM CGM  Mambajao Apt|Camiguin|Philippines
SJZ LPSJ Sao Jorge Island Apt|Sao Jorge Island|Portugal
NTY FAPN Pilansberg Apt|Sun City|South Africa
BAS AGGE Balalae Apt|Balalae|Solomon Is
MNY AGGO Mono Apt|Mono|Solomon Is
PRS AGGP Parasi Apt|Parasi|Solomon Is
EGM AGGS Sege Apt|Sege|Solomon Is
UNI TVSU Union Island Apt|Union Island|St Vincent/Grenadines
ASI FHAW Wideawake Field|Georgetown|St Helena
KYD RCLY Orchid Island Apt|Orchid Island|Taiwan
MQM LTCR Mardin Apt|Mardin|Turkey
NGU KNGU Naval Air Station Chambers|Norfolk|Virginia
LKE 0W0  Lake Union Sea Plane Base|Seattle|Washington
(in FS9 as Seattle Seaplanes)
MFM VMMC Macau Apt|Macau|Macau
AQI OEPA Qaisumah Apt|Qaisumah|Saudi Arabia
HBT OEKK Hafr Albatin Apt|Hafr Albatin|Saudi Arabia
(was assigned OEPA but appears to be an alternative name for KMC/OEKK King Khalid Military City. Keep King Khalid assigned to OEKK too in UT because it has flights!)
TAS UTTT Vostochny Apt|Tashkent|Uzbekistan
(was assigned Z29M)
VRN LIPX Verona Apt|Verona|Italy
(was assigned LIPN)
SCL SCEL Arturo Merino Benitez Apt|Santiago|Chile
(was assigned SCSN)
FMO EDDG Muenster Apt|Muenster|Germany
(was assigned EDLT)
FRU UAFM Bishkek Apt|Bishkek|Kyrgyzstan
(was assigned UAFW)
NKG ZSNJ Nanking Apt|Nanking|China
(was assigned Z08T)
WOT RCWA Wonan Apt|Wonan|Taiwan
(in FS9 as Wang An|Wang An|Taiwan)
JQA BGUQ Qaarsut Apt|Qaarsut|Greenland
(in FS9 as Qaarsut|Uummannaq)
TLN LFTH Hyeres Apt|Toulon|France (was assigned LFTR)
TSF LIPH Treviso Apt|Venice|Italy
(was assigned LIPS)
VST ESOW Haslo Apt|Vasteras|Sweden (was assigned ESSX)
REL SAVT Trelew Apt|Trelew|Argentina (was assigned SA0Y)
SAL MSLP Comalapa International Apt|San Salvador|El Salvador (was assigned MSSS)

LMC Z08W (Z-zero-eight-W) Lamacarena Apt|Lamacarena|Colombia (in FS9 as El Refugio)

RKV BIRK Keflavik International Airport|Reykjavik|Iceland (was assigned BIKF, but UT also has KEF Keflavik! RKV is meant to be Reykjavik Domestic) (Thanks to dsbean and John Goodwin!)

LHW ZLLL Lanzhou Apt|Lanzhou|China (LHW should be Lanzhou City Airport ZLAN, but as far as I can find out, this airport has recently closed with all traffic redirected to ZLLL Lanzhou/Zhongchuan

These two are highly probable matches, but I'm not 100% sure:
NKI AK62 Naukiti|Naukiti|Alaska (in FS9 as Nichin Cove|Tuxekan Island|Alaska)
PNF 3AK  Petersons Point|Petersons Point|Alaska
(in FS9 as Paf Cannery|South Naknek|Alaska)

APO Apartado Apt|Apartado|Colombia should be assigned to SKLC ("Antonio Roldan Betancur" in FS9).
IGO Chigorodo Apt|Chigorodo|Colombia should NOT be assigned to SKLC! It does not exist in FS9. and I can't find any scenery.
For the time being it doesn't hurt to assign both
APO and IGO to SKLC. Both have flights in the new Winter schedules (lots per day from APO, but only one Let-410 per day from IGO).

Also also:
MIJ Mili Island Apt|Mili Island|Marshall Is should be assigned to 1Q9.
EJT Mili Atoll|Mili Atoll|Marshall Is should NOT be assigned to 1Q9. This is Enijet (or Enejit or Enajet!) Airport.
EAL Kwajalein Atoll|Kwajalein Atoll|Marshall Is should not be assigned to PKRO. This is Elenak Airport. See Part 2 for the solution to the mix-up in the Marshall Islands.

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apwright View Drop Down
Licensed Member
Licensed Member

Joined: May-26-2005
Location: Greece
Points: 289
Direct Link To This Post Posted: May-29-2005 at 7:00am


That leaves about 320 airports which do not exist in FS9.

You can add many of these by downloading and installing the files listed below. Some of these files also add Afcads for existing FS9 airports to enable traffic to show there.

The procedure for getting these to work in UT/FS is as follows:

1. Download and install as per the instructions.
2. Launch FS9 and let it rebuild its scenery database, then exit.
3. Go to ...\Flight Simulator 9\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic and run CollectAirports.exe to create a new Airports_FS2004.txt file.
4. Launch UT, go to Utilities > Airports, search for each airport in turn and enter the 3- or 4-digit ICAO code in place of the asterisks **** in the "FS2004 Assignment Identifier" box at the bottom. Don't forget to hit "Save" after each one!
5. Recompile the UT traffic file.
6. Go to \Flight Simulator 9\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic\PalmSpotter and delete the 4 .dat files. Then run UT and let it rebuild them.

RUSSIA AND C.I.S. AIRPORTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Go to www.avsim.ru and download the following files (all by the brilliant Alexei "Rulexy" Rubtsov):

direct link - if download doesn't start automatically, press 'skachat' (in blue, looks like CkayaTb)






Unzip all these files to a temporary location (keeping folder names and keeping them SEPARATE for now).

Go to ...\Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery and create a folder "CIS Rulexy" with subfolders "scenery" and "texture".


- Copy all the files from the scenery folders of the unzipped files into ...\Addon Scenery\CIS Rulexy\scenery

- Copy all the files from the texture folders of the unzipped files into ...\Addon Scenery\CIS Rulexy\texture

IF YOU KEEP TO THE ORDER GIVEN ABOVE, you can overwrite all duplicate files.

Go to ...\Addon Scenery\CIS Rulexy\scenery and DELETE the files pertaining to airport UWKI (AF2_UWKI.bgl, UWKI.bgl, UWKI_A16.bgl) because these are superseded by the UWKJ files!

Go to ...\Flight Simulator 9\Scenery\asia\scenery and disable the files AP967080.BGL, AP970110.BGL, AP975060.BGL and AP971120.BGL (change the endings to .bak)


2. Go to Avsim.com and download the following files:

rusnew.zip Valdimir Svoboda

rap2004u.zip by John Hinson

ra2004u2.zip by John Hinson

Unzip all these files to a temporary location (keeping folder names and keeping them SEPARATE for now).

Go to ...\Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery and create a folder "CIS Svoboda" with subfolders "scenery" and "texture".

Copy all the files from the scenery folders of rusnew.zip into ...\Addon Scenery\CIS Svoboda\scenery

Copy all the files from the texture folders of rusnew.zip into ...\Addon Scenery\CIS Svoboda\texture

Copy all the .bgl files from rap2004u.zip into ...\Addon Scenery\CIS Svoboda\scenery

Copy the .bgl file from ra2004u2.zip into ...\Addon Scenery\CIS Svoboda\scenery

Go to ...\Flight Simulator 9\Scenery\asia\scenery and disable the files AP966120 and AP966130 (change the endings to .bak)

Go to your new ...\Addon Scenery\CIS Svoboda\scenery and delete all files (AF2_????.bgl, ????.bgl and ????_A16N.bgl) pertaining to the following airports (otherwise you will have duplicates with the Rulexy pack):


Also I would strongly recommend deleting the files for UTAK (Turkmenbashi) because Mr Hinson's Afcad appears to crash FS9 in a wide area around the southern Caspian Sea. I'm not sure why this happens, but I assume it's because he has moved the airport too far from its original position as defined in the AP bgl.


3. Download and install gelendzhik.zip by Yevgeniy Degtyarev at avsim.ru

(You can put all the texture files in ...\Addon Scenery\CIS Svoboda\texture and all the bgl files in ...\Addon Scenery\CIS Svoboda\scenery if you don't want to add yet another scenery area!).


4. Download and install rusukr_airfields.zip by Adrian Wright at Avsim

Just put all the bgl files in one of the scenery files you created above, or straight in Addon Scenery/scenery.


When you have ALL these installed, you can assign the following unassigned airports in UT:

UUA UWKB Bugulma Apt|Bugulma|Russia
CEE ULWC Cherepovets Apt|Cherepovets|Russia
IAA UOII Igarka Apt|Igarka|Russia
KVX USKK Kirov Apt|Kirov|Russia
(aka Viatka)
KXK UHKK Komsomolsk Na Amure Apt|Komsomolsk Na Amure|Russia
(Hurba Airport)
KSZ ULKK Kotlas Apt|Kotlas|Russia
BKA UUBB Bykovo Apt|Moscow|Russia
NNM ULAM Naryan-Mar Apt|Naryan-Mar|Russia
NFG USRN Nefteyugansk Apt|Nefteyugansk|Russia
NOJ USRO Nojabrxsk Apt|Nojabrxsk|Russia
NUX USMU Novyj Urengoj Apt|Novyj Urengoj|Russia
PEZ UWPP Penza Apt|Penza|Russia
UCT UUYH Ukhta Apt|Ukhta|Russia
USK UUYS Usinsk Apt|Usinsk|Russia
MPW UKCV Mariupol Apt|Mariupol|Ukraine
PWQ UASP Pavlodar Apt|Pavlodar|Kazakhstan
HMA USHH Malmo City Airport - Hovercraft Terminal|Malmo|Sweden
(WRONG NAME IN UT, should be Khanty-Mansyisk|Khanty-Mansyisk|Russia)
OHO UHOO Okhotsk Apt|Okhotsk|Russia
URJ USHU Uraj Apt|Uraj|Russia
EKB UASB Ekibastuz Apt|Ekibastuz|Kazakstan
KZO UAOO Kzyl-Orda Apt|Kzyl-Orda|Kazakstan
TDK UAAT Taldy-Kurgan Apt|Taldy-Kurgan|Kazakstan
GDZ URKG Gelendzik Apt|Gelendzik|Russia
LDG ULAL Leshukonskoye|Leshukonskoye|Russia
PEX UUYP Pechora Apt|Pechora|Russia
VUS ULWU Velikij Ustyug Apt|Velikij Ustyug|Russia
VKT UUYW Vorkuta Apt|Vorkuta|Russia
ERD UKDB Berdyansk Apt|Berdyansk|Ukraine
KHC UKFK Kerch Apt|Kerch|Ukraine
PLV UKHP Poltava Apt|Poltava|Ukraine

Because the newly added scenery corrects FS9's wrong ICAO codes for several airports (and deletes the old ones), you will have to change the existing assignments for the following:

DMB UADD Zhambyl|Zhambyl|Kazakhstan (was UA0I)
NYM USMM Nadym South Apt|Nadym|Russia
(was Z25Q)
TOF UNTT Tomsk Apt|Tomsk|Russia
(was Z25P)
PPK UACP Petropavlovsk Apt|Petropavlovsk|Russia
(was UA0E)
BUS UGSB Batumi Apt|Batumi|Georgia
(was UG0E)
NMA UTKN Namangan Apt|Namangan|Uzbekistan
(was UT0B)
AZN UTKA Andizhan Apt|Andizhan|Uzbekistan
(was UT0I)
FEG UTKF Fergana Apt|Fergana|Uzbekistan
(was UT0T)
UKK UASK Ust-Kamenogorsk Apt|Ust-Kamenogorsk|Kazakstan
(was UA0G)
PLX UASS Semipalatinsk Apt|Semipalatinsk|Kazakstan
(was UA0F)
NOZ UNWW Novokuznetsk Apt|Novokuznetsk|Russia
(was Z25U)

And make sure the following assignments are correct (as listed in part 1 above!):

TAS UTTT Vostochny Apt|Tashkent|Uzbekistan (was assigned Z29M)
FRU UAFM Bishkek Apt|Bishkek|Kyrgyzstan (was assigned UAFW)

Because of the corrected ICAO's, 3rd party flightplans that call for any of the following, will have to be edited!
(all the '0's in the left column are zeros!)



All-in-one recommendation for China!!

chinaairports_version_2.zip by Winfried Orthmann at Avsim

AKU ZWAK Aksu Apt|Aksu|China
AAT ZWAT Altay Apt|Altay|China
AQG ZSAQ Anqing Apt|Anqing|China
BSD ZPBS Baoshan Apt|Baoshan|China
BAV ZBOW Baotou Apt|Baotou|China
BHY ZGBH Beihai Apt|Beihai|China
CGD ZGCD Changde Apt|Changde|China
CZX ZSCG Changzhou Apt|Changzhou|China
DDG ZYDD Dandong Apt|Dandong|China
DAX ZUDX Daxian Apt|Daxian|China
DYG ZGDY Dayong Apt|Dayong|China
ENH ZHES Enshi Apt|Enshi|China
FUG ZSFY Fuyang Apt|Fuyang|China
KOW ZSGZ Ganzhou Apt|Ganzhou|China
KWE ZUGY Guiyang Apt|Guiyang|China
HZG ZLHZ Hanzhong Apt|Hanzhong|China
JIL ZYJL Jilin Apt|Jilin|China
JNZ ZYJZ Liaoning Province Apt|Jinzhou|China
LJG ZPLJ Lijiang Apt|Lijiang|China
LZH ZGZH Liuzhou Apt|Liuzhou|China
LZO ZULZ Luzhou Apt|Luzhou|China
MIG ZUMY Mian Yang Apt|Mian Yang|China
KHN ZSCN Nanchang Apt|Nanchang|China
NNY ZHNY Nanyang Apt|Nanyang|China
IQM ZWCM Qiemo Apt|Qiemo|China
NDG ZYQQ Qiqihar Apt|Qiqihar|China
SWA ZGOW Shantou Apt|Shantou|China
SYM ZPSM Simao Apt|Simao|China
TEN ZUTR Tongren Apt|Tongren|China
TXN ZSTX Tunxi Apt|Tunxi|China
WNZ ZSWZ Wenzhou Apt|Wenzhou|China
XFN ZHXF Xiangfan Apt|Xiangfan|China
XIL ZBXH Xilinhot Apt|Xilinhot|China
SIA ZLSN Xiguan Apt|Xian|China
ZLXN Xining Apt|Xining|China
XUZ ZSXZ Xuzhou Apt|Xuzhou|China
YNZ ZSYN Yancheng Apt|Yancheng|China
INC ZLIC Yinchuan Apt|Yinchuan|China
YIN ZWYN Yining Apt|Yining|China
YIW ZSYW Yiwu Apt|Yiwu|China
UYN ZLYL Yulin Apt|Yulin|China
ZHA ZGZJ Zhanjiang Apt|Zhanjiang|China
ZAT ZPZT Zhaotong Apt|Zhaotong|China
ZUH ZGSD Zhuhai Apt|Zhuhai|China

BPX ZUBD Bangda Apt|Bangda|China
LXA ZULS Lhasa Apt|Lhasa|China

DLU ZPDL Dali Apt|Dali City|China
DIG ZPDQ Diqing Apt|Diqing|China
DOY ZSDY Dongying|Dongying|China
DNH ZLDH Dunhuang Apt|Dunhuang|China
GYS ZUGU Guang Yuan Apt|Guang Yuan|China
HEK ZYHE Heihe Apt|Heihe|China
HYN ZSLQ Huangyan Apt|Huangyan|China
JDZ ZSJD Jingdezhen Apt|Jingdezhen|China
JJN ZSQZ Jinjiang Apt|Jinjiang|China
JUZ ZSJU Juzhou Apt|Juzhou Zhejiang Province|China (Quzhou)
KRL ZWKL Korla Apt|Korla|China
KCA ZWKC Kuqa Apt|Kuqa|China
LYG ZSLG Lianyungang Apt|Lianyungang|China
LNJ ZPLC Lincang|Lincang|China
LLF ZGLG Ling Ling|Ling Ling|China
LYI ZSLY Linyi Apt|Linyi|China
LYA ZHLY Luoyang Apt|Luoyang|China
LUM ZPMS Mangshi Apt|Luxi|China
MXZ ZGMX Mei Xian Apt|Mei Xian|China
NTG ZSNT Nantong Apt|Nantong|China
SHP ZBSH Qinhuangdao Apt|Qinhuangdao|China
TCG ZWTC Tacheng Apt|Tacheng|China
WXN ZUWX Wanxian Apt|Wanxian|China
WEF ZSWF Weifang Apt|Weifang|China
WEH ZSWH Weihai Apt|Weihai|China
WUS ZSWY Fujian Province Apt|Wuyishan|China
YBP ZUYB Yibin Apt|Yibin|China
HSN ZSZS Zhoushan Apt|Zhoushan|China
YIH ZHYC Yichang Apt|Yichang|China

af2_lgst_lex10.zip by Felix Hippmann at Avsim (requires graf3.zip by Kyprianos Biris at Avsim)
(Alternatively, I recommend Hellas Scenery Project's excellent terrain mesh and airports http://www.avsim.com/greece/scenery/index_main.htm)

JSH LGST Sitia Apt|Sitia|Greece

airraro.zip by Steffen Wengorz at Avsim

MGS NCMG Mangaia Island Apt|Mangaia Island|Cook Is
MHX NCMH Manihiki Island Apt|Manihiki Island|Cook Is
MOI NCMR Mitiaro Island Apt|Mitiaro Island|Cook Is

png_airstrips.zip by Adrian Wright at Avsim

AUP AUN  Agaun Apt|Agaun|Papua New Guinea
ATP APE  Aitape Airstrip|Aitape|Papua New Guinea
AZB AZB  Amazon Bay Apt|Amazon Bay|Papua New Guinea
AKG AGK  Anguganak Apt|Anguganak|Papua New Guinea
APR APR  April River Apt|April River|Papua New Guinea
ARP AGP  Aragip Apt|Aragip|Papua New Guinea
AWB AWB  Awaba Apt|Awaba|Papua New Guinea
VMU BMU  Baimuru Apt|Baimuru|Papua New Guinea
BCP BAM  Bambu Apt|Bambu|Papua New Guinea
XBN BNI  Biniguni Apt|Biniguni|Papua New Guinea
CPI COF  Cape Orford Apt|Cape Orford|Papua New Guinea
CVL CVG  Cape Vogel Apt|Cape Vogel|Papua New Guinea
DBP DBP  Debepare Apt|Debepare|Papua New Guinea
HIT HWO  Hivaro Apt|Hivaro|Papua New Guinea
ITK ITK  Itokama Apt|Itokama|Papua New Guinea
KUY KSI  Kamusi Apt|Kamusi|Papua New Guinea
LMY LKM  Lake Murray Apt|Lake Murray|Papua New Guinea
LMI LUMI Lumi Apt|Lumi|Papua New Guinea
MWI MAR  Maramuni|Maramuni|Papua New Guinea
GUV MGU  Mougulu Apt|Mougulu|Papua New Guinea
NKN NKN  Nankina|Nankina|Papua New Guinea
UKU NUKU Nuku Apt|Nuku|Papua New Guinea
OBX OBO  Obo Apt|Obo|Papua New Guinea
PMN PMN  Pumani Apt|Pumani|Papua New Guinea
RBP RBA  Rabaraba Apt|Rabaraba|Papua New Guinea
SKC SUKI Suki Apt|Suki|Papua New Guinea
TLW TLS  Talasea Apt|Talasea|Papua New Guinea
TEP TEP  Teptep Apt|Teptep|Papua New Guinea
TFI TUFI Tufi Apt|Tufi|Papua New Guinea
UVO UVOL Uvol Apt|Uvol|Papua New Guinea
WAO WABO Wabo Apt|Wabo|Papua New Guinea
WED WDU  Wedau Apt|Wedau|Papua New Guinea
WPM WPM  Wipim Apt|Wipim|Papua New Guinea

fiji_airstrips.zip by Adrian Wright at Avsim

LEV NFNB Levuka Airfield|Bureta|Fiji
ICI NFCI Cicia Apt|Cicia|Fiji
KDV NFKD Kandavu Apt|Kandavu|Fiji
KXF NFNO Koro Apt|Koro|Fiji
LKB NFNK Lakeba Apt|Lakeba|Fiji
LUC NFNH Laucala Island Apt|Laucala Island|Fiji
PTF NFFO Malololailai Apt|Malololailai|Fiji
MNF NFMA Mana Island Airstrip|Mana Island|Fiji
MFJ NFMO Moala Apt|Moala|Fiji
SVU NFNS Savusavu Apt|Savusavu|Fiji
VBV NFVB Vanuabalavu Apt|Vanuabalavu|Fiji

torres_strait_fs2004.zip by Ross Casey at Avsim (full scenery package for Torres Straits islands)
aerotropics.zip by Mal Lloyd (+ aero_tropics_supp.zip if using Andy Weir's Australia STRM mesh)
Important: If using vanilla aerotropics.zip, delete file YDNI_EXCL.BGL because it's faulty and makes your heading indicator show true heading instead of magnetic.

Either of these files gives you:

NLF YDNI Darnley Island Apt|Darnley Island|Australia
KUG YKUB Kubin Island Apt|Kubin Island|Australia
UBB YMAA Mabuiag Island Apt|Mabuiag Island|Australia
OKR YYKI Yorke Island Apt|Yorke Island|Australia

pnw_seaplane_afcads by Norman Meznarich on Avsim (requires vicenh05.zip by Jon Patch and Holger Sandmann OR the payware Ultimate Terrain:
USA and Ultimate Terrain:Canada/AK by Scenery Solutions)

YHH CAE3 Harbor Sea Plane Base|Campbell River|British Columbia|Canada
YGG CAX6 Ganges Harbor Apt|Ganges Harbor|British Columbia|Canada
ZNA CAC8 Harbour Apt|Nanaimo|British Columbia|Canada
YRR CAF6 Stuart Island Apt|Stuart Island|British Columbia|Canada
YTG CAV5 Sullivan Bay Apt|Sullivan Bay|British Columbia|Canada
CXH CAQ3 Coal Harbour Sea Plane Base|Vancouver|British Columbia|Canada
YWH CYWH Inner Harbour Apt|Victoria|British Columbia|Canada

PacificCoastal-PCO-Canada-Wi03.zip by Daan "dusteagle" Callaerts at Avsim or PAI

YKT CYK1 Klemtu Apt|Klemtu|British Columbia|Canada
(Author admits this is totally fictional with fictional ICAO - research suggests ICAO should be CAQ7, and it should probably be a seaplane base! Pacific Coastal fly a Beaver floatplane there!)

CentralAmericaPack-NoICAO-Winter03-V2.zip by Daan "dusteagle" Callaerts at Avsim or PAI

PJM MRPJ Puerto Jiminez Apt|Puerto Jiminez|Costa Rica
BHG MHBL Brus Laguna Apt|Brus Laguna|Honduras
PCH PCH  Palacios Apt|Palacios|Honduras  (ICAO PCH is fictional)
UII UII  Utila Apt|Utila|Honduras  (ICAO UII is fictional, research suggests it should be MHUT!)

greenland_ports_and_docks_v2.zip by Halfdan Abrahamsen at Avsim. Not tested by me yet!

LLU BGAP Alluitsup Paa Apt|Alluitsup Paa|Greenland (heliport)
JGR BGGD Gronnedal Heliport|Gronnedal|Greenland (heliport)
JNN BGNN Nanortalik Apt|Nanortalik|Greenland (heliport)
JNS BGNS Narsaq Heliport|Narsaq|Greenland (heliport)
JJU BGJH Qaqortoq Heliport|Qaqortoq|Greenland (heliport)

Also recommended: greenland_afcad_and_ai_traffic.zip by Halfdan Abrahamsen at Avsim for Afcads of several default FS9 airports in Greenland!

Rudolf Liu's El Formosa Tawian Scenery Project el_formosa*.zip at Avsim

CMJ RCCM Chi Mei Apt|Chi Mei|Taiwan

vtbv2004.zip by Martin Strong at Avsim

TDX VTBV Trat|Trat|Thailand

A big package to download (8.6MB) for an airport with just 2 flights a day, but worth it!

penzfs9.zip by Paul Roberts at Avsim

PZE EGHK Penzance Apt|Penzance|UK

iceland1.zip by Curt Jardey at Avsim

GJR BIGJ Gjogur Apt|Gjogur|Iceland
GRY BIGR Grimsey Apt|Grimsey|Iceland

includes afcads and scenery for over 50 airfields in Iceland! iceland2.zip adds even more!!

afcad_mada.zip by Christian Muenier at Avsim

AMY FMMB Ambatomainty Apt|Ambatomainty|Madagascar

includes Afcads for lots of airports in Madagascar


vanuatu_airports.zip by Chris Peschke at Avsim

AUY NVVA Aneityum Apt|Aneityum|Vanuatu
AWD NVVB Aniwa Apt|Aniwa|Vanuatu
CCV NVSF Craig Cove Apt|Craig Cove|Vanuatu
DLY NVVD Dillons Bay Apt|Dillons Bay|Vanuatu
FTA NVVF Futuna Apt|Futuna Island|Vanuatu
ZGU NVSQ Gaua Apt|Gaua|Vanuatu
IPA NVVI Ipota Apt|Ipota|Vanuatu
LPM NVSL Lamap Apt|Lamap|Vanuatu
LNB NVSM Lamen Bay Apt|Lamen Bay|Vanuatu
LOD NVSG Longana Apt|Longana|Vanuatu
LNE NVSO Lonorore Apt|Lonorore|Vanuatu
MWF NVSN Maewo Apt|Maewo|Vanuatu
MTV NVSA Mota Lava Apt|Mota Lava|Vanuatu (Ablow)
NUS NVSP Norsup Apt|Norsup|Vanuatu
OLJ NVSZ West Cost Santo Apt|Olpoi|Vanuatu (N.W. Santo)
PBJ NVSI Paama Apt|Paama|Vanuatu
RCL NVSR Redcliffe Apt|Redcliffe|Vanuatu
SSR NVSH Sara Apt|Sara|Vanuatu
SLH NVSC Sola Apt|Sola|Vanuatu
SWJ NVSX South West Bay Apt|South West Bay|Vanuatu
TGH NVST Tongoa Apt|Tongoa|Vanuatu
TOH NVSD Torres Airstrip|Torres|Vanuatu (Lo-Linua)
ULB NVSU Ulei Apt|Ulei|Vanuatu
VLS NVSV Valesdir Apt|Valesdir|Vanuatu
WLH NVSW Walaha Apt|Walaha|Vanuatu


marshall_islands.zip by Adrian Wright at Avsim

AIM AIM  Ailuk Island Apt|Ailuk Island|Marshall Is
AIC AIC  Airok Apt|Airok|Marshall Is
AUL AUL  Aur Island Apt|Aur Island|Marshall Is
BII BII  Enyu Airfield|Bikini Atoll|Marshall Is
EBO EBO  Ebon Apt|Ebon|Marshall Is
EJT EJT  Mili Atoll|Mili Atoll|Marshall Is (Enajet)
JAT JAT  Jabot Apt|Jabot|Marshall Is (Jabwot)
JEJ JEJ  Jeh Apt|Jeh|Marshall Is
KBT KBT  Kaben Apt|Kaben|Marshall Is
LML LML  Lae Apt|Lae|Marshall Is
LIK LIK  Likiep Apt|Likiep|Marshall Is
MJE MJE  Majkin Apt|Majkin|Marshall Is
RNP RNP  Rongelap Apt|Rongelap|Marshall Is
UJE UJE  Ujae Island Apt|Ujae Island|Marshall Is
WJA WJA  Woja Apt|Woja|Marshall Is
WTO WTO  Wotho Apt|Wotho|Marshall Is


solomon_islands.zip by Adrian Wright at Avsim

AFT AGAF Afutara|Afutara|Solomon Is
RNA AGAR Ulawa Apt|Arona|Solomon Is
ATD AGAT Atoifi Apt|Atoifi|Solomon Is
BPF AGBT Batuna|Batuna|Solomon Is
GTA AGOK Gatokae Aerodrom|Gatokae|Solomon Is
KGE AGKG Kagau Apt|Kagau|Solomon Is
RBV AGRM Ramata Apt|Ramata|Solomon Is
RIN AGRC Ringi Cove Apt|Ringi Cove|Solomon Is
XYA AGGY Yandina Apt|Yandina|Solomon


envr.zip by ?? at flightsim.no


VRY ENVR Stolport Apt|Vaeroy|Norway (this is a heliport!)


mdbrsup_02.zip and mdbr_upd.zip by Mohammed Omar at Avsim

BKM WBGQ Bakalalan Apt|Bakalalan|Malaysia
BLG WBGC Belaga Apt|Belaga|Malaysia
KUD WBKT Kudat Apt|Kudat|Malaysia
LGL WBGF Long Lellang Apt|Long Lellang|Malaysia
ODN WBGI Long Seridan Apt|Long Seridan|Malaysia
TMG WBKM Tomanggong Apt|Tomanggong|Malaysia


svlr.zip by Jamie Ortega at Flightsim.com (plus afcad file af2_svrs.zip by Rene Tanggard at Flightsim.com. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!)

LRV SVRS Los Roques Apt|Los Roques|Venezuela


scenery_belize_airstrips_vol1.zip, scenery_belize_airstrips_vol_2.zip and municipal.v1.1.zip by Alf B. Meier at Avsim.

TZA MZ55 Belize City Municipal Apt|Belize City|Belize
BGK B GK Big Creek Apt|Big Creek|Belize
CUK C UK Caye Caulker Apt|Caye Caulker|Belize
CYC C YC Caye Chapel Apt|Caye Chapel|Belize
CZH C ZH Corozal Apt|Corozal|Belize
DGA D GA Dangriga Apt|Dangriga|Belize
PLJ P LJ Placencia Apt|Placencia|Belize
PND P ND Punta Gorda Apt|Punta Gorda|Belize


west_australian_country_airstrips_part_1.zip by Dennis Stiglmayer at Avsim

KAX YKBR Kalbarri Apt|Kalbarri|Australia


af2_tvsl.zip by Karl F. Hajek at Avsim

CRU TVSL Carriacou Island Apt|Carriacou Island|Grenada


nepal_fs9_v2.zip by Einar Aarvik (requires nepalmesh.zip by Martin Domig for full effect, but this one is a 120MB download!). You can just copy the files Manang_A16N.bgl and Manang_VNMA.bgl from nepal_fs9_v2.zip to Addon Scenery/scenery and get a fully functioning AI airfield - albeit on a 1000' cliff...

NGX VNMA Manang Apt|Manang|Nepal


lab_airports.zip by Adrian Wright at Avsim

ZGS CTT5 Gethsemani Apt|Gethsemani|Quebec|Canada
ZKG CTK6 Kegaska Apt|Kegaska|Quebec|Canada
ZLT CTU5 La Tabatiere Apt|La Tabatiere|Quebec|Canada
ZTB CTB6 Tete-A-La Baleine Apt|Tete-A-La Baleine|Quebec|Canada


LNMC.zip by Jean Louis Vau at www.vf-air.com
Direct link http://www.vf-air.com/LNMC.zip

MCM LNMC Monte Carlo Heliport|Monte Carlo|Monaco

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Licensed Member
Licensed Member

Joined: May-26-2005
Location: Greece
Points: 289
Direct Link To This Post Posted: May-29-2005 at 7:03am


I have downloaded/found sufficient official information to create passable renditions of the following. If anyone feels like building some airports, drop me a line and I'll mail the info (or links) to you.

BMP YBPI Brampton Island
Apt|Brampton Island|Australia
DKI YDKI Dunk Island Apt|Dunk Island|Australia

PBE SKPR Puerto Berrio Apt|Puerto Berrio|Colombia (Morela Apt)

GDE HAGO Gode/Iddidole Apt|Gode/Iddidole|Ethiopia

RVV NTAV Rairua|Rairua|F Polynesia (Raivavae)

NGI NFNG Ngau Island

(these are all heliports!!)
QCU BGAK Akunnaaq|Akunnaaq|Greenland
QGQ BGAT Attu|Attu|Greenland
QFI BGIG Iginniarfik|Iginniarfik|Greenland
QJI BGIT Ikamiut|Ikamiut|Greenland
QRY BGIK Ikerasaarsuk|Ikerasaarsuk|Greenland
XIQ BGIL Ilimanaq Harbour Apt|Ilimanaq|Greenland
QPW BGKA Kangaatsiaq|Kangaatsiaq|Greenland
QJE BGKT Kitsissuarsuit|Kitsissuarsuit|Greenland
QMK BGNK Niaqornaarsuk|Niaqornaarsuk|Greenland
JFR BGFH Paamiut Apt|Paamiut|Greenland
(a fixed-wing airport is being built here!)
JCH BGCH Qasigiannguit Apt|Qasigiannguit|Greenland
JGO BGGN Qeqertarsuaq Apt|Qeqertarsuaq|Greenland
QUP BGSQ Saqqaq|Saqqaq|Greenland

BUW WAAB Baubau Apt|Baubau|Indonesia (WAWB)
DTD WRLI Datadawai Apt|Datadawai|Indonesia (WALJ)
LPU WRLP Long Apung Apt|Long Apung|Indonesia
LBW WRLB Long Bawan Apt|Long Bawan|Indonesia
NNX WRLF Nunukan Apt|Nunukan|Indonesia
TJS WRLG Tanjung Selor Apt|Tanjung Selor|Indonesia

LBP LBP  Long Banga Airfield|Long Banga|Malaysia
PKG WMPA Pangkor Apt|Pangkor|Malaysia (Pulau Pangkor)

TGJ NWWA Tiga Apt|Tiga|New Caledonia

MXS NSMA Maota Savall Island
Apt|Maota Savall Island|Samoa

EUA NFTE Kaufana Apt|Eua|Tonga
NFO NFTO Mata'aho Apt|Niuafo'ou|Tonga|

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Licensed Member

Joined: May-26-2005
Location: Greece
Points: 289
Direct Link To This Post Posted: May-29-2005 at 7:08am


These are the airports for which I have some information... or none. Any additional research welcome!

(SPB=seaplane base. I haven't really searched too hard for SPBs and helicopter pads.)

BIC ???? Big Creek Apt|Big Creek|Alaska
(SPB near King Salmon PAKN)

CFA ???? Coffee Point Apt|Coffee Point|Alaska
(SPB across river from Bartletts Apt|Egegik AK96)

DIO ???? Diomede Island Apt|Diomede Island|Alaska
(aka Inalik, seaso-nal ice strip. Location possibly varies with sea ice. There is also a helo pad IATA LDI/ICAO DM2 at N65*45'31" W168*57'11", elev 20, magvar 14E, 64x64 concrete. Previous UT scheds had fixed-wing flights to Diomede, but Winter 04/5 doesn't.

KKU KKU  Ekuk Apt|Ekuk|Alaska
N58*48'40.293" W158*33'31.833", rwy 01/19 1200x40' gravel. Data at airnav.com

SCJ SCJ(??) Smith Cove Apt|Smith Cove|Alaska
(SPB aka Smith Lagoon, at N55.45472 W132.35194, nearest alternate KXA/KXA Kasaan SPB)

JGC AZ36/AZ35 Grand Canyon Heliport|Grand Canyon|Arizona
heliport (one of two heliports:
Grand Canyon West-1 AZ36 and Grand Canyon West-2 AZ35 at Peach Springs). Data at airnav.com

HAE AZ15 Havasupai Apt|Havasupai|Arizona
Supai Village Lava Falls Heliport. Helo flights to Grand Canyon JGC only. Data at airnav.com

NSB ???? North Sea Plane Base|Bimini|Bahamas

SQS ???? Matthew Spain Apt|San Ignacio|Belize
MaThew Spain is aka Central Farm Airstrip (2200x50' asphalt). Probable location on Google Earth 17.195919 -89.017206

TLD FBLV Tuli Lodge Apt|Tuli Lodge|Botswana
Was Tuli Lodge FBTL, now officially Limpopo Valley Airfield FBLV, S22*11'21",E29*07'37", elev 1770', rwy 12/30 (120/300 magnetic), 1500m(3700')x30m gravel, stopways 50m (30m gravel, 20m dirt) both ends, NDB (name Limpopo Valley, ident LVA, freq 254.00, S22*11.05' E29*06.99', elev unk, magvar 12*28.8'W), Tower 125.5, apron 7548m2 Google Earth -22.188545 29.108371

YDS ???? Desolation Sound Apt|Desolation Sound|British Columbia|Canada
(SPB, nearest alternate is CAM6 Cortes Bay)

YGN ???? Greenway Sound Apt|Greenway Sound|British Columbia|Canada
(SPB, nearest alternate would be CAV5 Sullivan Bay, but Su05 schedules actually have flights between Greenway and Sullivan (flight time 1 minute!), so there will be problems if you assign both to CAV5.)

YWS CAE5 Whistler Apt|Whistler|British Columbia|Canada

YPT CAG8 Pender Harbor Apt|Pender Harbor|British Columbia|Canada

YBW CAB3 Bedwell Harbor Apt|Bedwell Harbor|British Columbia|Canada

NTO GVAN Santo Antao Apt|Santo Antao|Cape Verde
Agostinho Neto Apt., approx loc in FS N17*11 W25*07
This airport is no longer servicable. Quote from http://www.capeverdeinfo.org.uk/gettingaround.htm : "Santa Antao can only be reached by ferry as the airport runway fell into the sea." !!

IGO SKIG Chigorodo Apt|Chigorodo|Colombia
N7*41'06" W076*41'41", elev 111', rwy 3570' paved. Google Earth 7.676931 -76.682938

NQU SKNQ Nuqui Apt|Nuqui|Colombia
Reyes Murillo Apt N05*42'00" W077*15'10" 2400' dirt (NDB exists in FS)

PBP MRIA Punta Islita Apt|Punta Islita|Costa Rica
nearest alternate MRPA Palo Arco. Google Earth 9.856692 -85.370483

TNO MRTA Tamarindo Apt|Tamarindo|Costa Rica
nearest alternate MRCV Cabo Velas. Google Earth 10.432439 -85.171176

TMU MRTR Tambor Apt|Tambor|Costa Rica
no info. Google Earth 9.739141 -85.016132

TTQ MRAO(?)/MRBT(?) Tortuquero Apt|Tortuquero|Costa Rica
Tortuguero. Google Earth 10.568445 -83.514557

SHC ???? Indaselassie Apt|Indaselassie|Ethiopia
no info. Google Earth 14.077284 38.272363

JIJ HAJJ Jigiga Apt|Jijiga|Ethiopia
aka Jiggiga/Jijgiga, N9*20 E42*43 elev 5394' magvar 1.214*E. Google Earth 9.359805 42.788309

HIL ???? Shillavo Apt|Shillavo|Ethiopia
aka Shilabo/Shillabo/Shilavo. No info. Google Earth 6.078157 44.764161

CDD ???? Cauquira Apt|Cauquira|Honduras
In fightplans in CentralAmericaPack-NoICAO-Winter03-V2.zip, dusteagle redirects to Puerto Lempira (MHPL). Google Earth 15.301937 -83.567553

TQR ???? San Domino Island Apt|San Domino Island|Italy

KWY ???? Kiwayu Apt|Kiwayu|Kenya
no info. Google Earth -1.960489 41.297167

UKA HKUK Ukunda Apt|Ukunda|Kenya
S4*18 E39*34, elev 98', rwy 3937'. Google Earth -4.295817 39.570989

NEU VLSN Sam Neua Apt|Sam Neua|Laos
N20*25, E104*04, rwy 08/26 3400' (1200mx20m) unpaved, elev 994m + NDB SAM 206.0, Tower 118.5. Google Earth 20.418513 104.067262

WMP FMNP Mampikony Apt|Mampikony|Madagascar
no info. Google Earth possibly -16.048655 47.622557

GZM LMMG Gozo Apt|Gozo|Malta
Gozo-Xewkija Heliport (aerial pics on airliners.net)

RNI MNCI(?) Corn Island Apt|Corn Island|Nicaragua
no info. Google Earth 12.167734 -83.062963

QRW DNSU Warri|Warri|Nigeria
Osubi Airport. Rwy 06/24. Google Earth 5.597312 5.819173

BFQ ???? Bahia Pinas Apt|Bahia Pinas|Panama
aka Pina. Google Earth approx. loc. 7.594845 -78.178977

OTD ???? Contadora Apt|Contadora|Panama
no info, island is missing in FS! Google Earth 8.626943 -79.033928

OLK SGOL Fuerte Olimpo|Fuerte Olimpo|Paraguay
no info. Google Earth -21.044785 -57.881277

ENI RPEN El Nido Apt|El Nido|Philippines
RPEN - El Nido - 011.204333 119.415167
grass strip on
Palawan, pic at http://www.imagesphilippines.com/viewmage.php?id=63  N11*12'20" E119*24'46" elev 3.6m (rwy 500m ??) FS2002 scenery elnido10.zip at flightsim.com (= el_nido_v1.0.zip by Ver Walter L. Gulfan at avsim). Haven't tried this out! Google Earth 11.202277 119.416431

BXX ???? Borama Apt|Borama|Somalia
N9*58 E43*7 (9.9667N 43.1167E). Google Earth 9.946255 43.149411

JCU GECE Ceuta Heliport|Ceuta|Spain

OYG ???? Moyo Apt|Moyo|Uganda
no info. Google Earth 3.644292 31.763276

PAF ???? Pakuba Apt|Pakuba|Uganda
N0220 E3130 elev 2365' (magvar 27.3???) rwy 07/25 1585x30m surface murram. Google Earth 2.326644 31.498799

TSO EGHT Tresco Apt|Isles Of Scilly|UK
heliport, runway 362m grass

SSB ???? St. Croix Sea Plane Base|Saint Croix|US Virgin Is
(SPB) Pretty sure I've seen this available somewhere, but can't find it now...

VII VVVH Vinh City Apt|Vinh City|Viet Nam
N18*44' E105*40' elev 20', rwy 7136' unpaved (FS2002 afcad available: vvvh1.zip by Ludwik at Avsim). Google Earth 18.735698 105.670913

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Admin Group

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: January-28-2006 at 5:34pm
Here is Adrian Wright's revised list of unassigned airports in UT.
David Hanstater
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Admin Group

Joined: May-26-2005
Location: London, UK
Points: 9317
Direct Link To This Post Posted: March-05-2006 at 4:07am
Adrian has updated his list.

If anyone wants to tell us of any other wrong or missing airport assignments, please start another thread.
David Hanstater
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