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Ultimate Traffic Live – Preview

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Topic: Ultimate Traffic Live – Preview
Posted By: Steve Halpern
Subject: Ultimate Traffic Live – Preview
Date Posted: March-17-2017 at 3:50pm

Ultimate Traffic Live is getting closer. There is a lot new in this version, including a complete rewrite of the traffic engine, routes based on real-world SIDS/STARS, and some other neat features.

UTLive is compatible with FSX Boxed/FSX Steam/Prepar3D v2/Prepar3d v3.

More info will be coming out soon.

Hope you enjoy some of these preview pictures!

Brand new interface...

You can view many different statistics...

Many configurable simulation options...

Flight map showing plans in flight information of included flights...

Flight view in the Statistics page...

Live status board with flight information taken directly from the simulator. There is also a separate status board in the main interface to view when not using the simulator.

Steve Halpern

Flight One Software

Posted By: cobranator
Date Posted: March-18-2017 at 4:23pm
Wow!! Amazing new version of UT!

How about performance?? Will the FPS finally improve?

Also, will the new "Live AI Traffic" interact with the Simulator's ATC?

Thank you and looking forward to a soon release...



Posted By: AirVette
Date Posted: March-19-2017 at 2:06am
This looks terrific!  I'll buy it but one major question.  P3D 64-bit is in beta.  Will you be supporting it?  If so you have a sale.

Posted By: zkerr8
Date Posted: March-19-2017 at 8:47am
WOW.....this looks amazing!  I was hoping for a new version of UT2...looks like you answered that calling!  Thank you.  Quick question....I noticed the app is called UT Live....does the "Live" mean it will pull data from actual real-time flights?  Or is the AI traffic spawned from a predetermined schedule similar to UT2?

Great job...cant wait to buy it when its released!

Posted By: Steve Halpern
Date Posted: March-19-2017 at 8:51am
FPS is adjustable, so you would have to make some adjustments through the interface. I will post some new pics showing the settings.

ATC programs should work fine, as the traffic is injected into the simulator, so the simulation should be aware of the traffic.

The Live concept is not based around ATC, but more about how the simulation can adapt to different scenarios or conditions within the sim. For example, flight delays.

The size of the program is considerably smaller on disk, because instead of pre-packing all the route interval points, it is flight plan based. So you can import custom routings if you want. This gives the simulator a lot of flexibility.

About P3D v4, and of course the upcoming sim from Dovetail...

At this point we have no idea about how this product would work with those sims. We will have to see them first! But of course we will see if UTLive can be made compatible with them.

Steve Halpern

Flight One Software

Posted By: Steve Halpern
Date Posted: March-19-2017 at 9:44am
Here are a few pictures of the settings screens..." rel="nofollow -

Steve Halpern

Flight One Software

Posted By: Steve Halpern
Date Posted: March-19-2017 at 9:49am
This is a nice full screen view of the GUI Map Screen showing the schedule data and flight plans. You can click on any plane to get its flight information.

Steve Halpern

Flight One Software

Posted By: jlund
Date Posted: March-19-2017 at 10:31am
How often is it planned to update with new repaints, airlines, flightplans etc. and will it be paid updates? Or will it be possible to update with selfmade flightplans, repaints, aircraft models like military and GA traffic?


Posted By: Ifikratis
Date Posted: March-19-2017 at 11:49am
Thank you very much for the new version! I have two questions I'd be glad to get answered.

Forgive me if I haven't seen it somewhere, but I'd like to ask, if the owners of UT2 will get a possibility for an upgrade fee for the new version. I just bought UT2 last month.

Also, besides being very satisfied with UT2, my only complain are the outdated liveries. So, I started using other AI packages to have the latest models and liveries using the UT2 interface to install them. My second question is, would the new version of UT have the latest liveries? And if not, would the UT2 users be able to import their current AI models and liveries to the new version without much tweaking?

Posted By: swaluver88
Date Posted: March-19-2017 at 2:43pm

Im running off of P3D V3.14 and im really looking to buy UT2 and this looks great. Whats the ETA?

Posted By: mehdiali
Date Posted: March-19-2017 at 5:46pm
looks nice but i hope the textures acctually look nice, the ut2 ones look horrendous and havent been updated for years, the liveries are oudated a few years too... 

mehdi ali

Posted By: b767
Date Posted: March-19-2017 at 10:01pm
When is release date? And how much it will  be cost? Thank you

Posted By: grayal
Date Posted: March-19-2017 at 10:02pm
Originally posted by mehdiali mehdiali wrote:

looks nice but i hope the textures acctually look nice, the ut2 ones look horrendous and havent been updated for years, the liveries are oudated a few years too... 

Really there is. No excuse for dated liveries and horrendous textures. You have always had the ability to update textures and models.

Cant wait for the new version. Just stick with supporting us!!

Posted By: regulate
Date Posted: March-20-2017 at 1:19am
Well, I have lot of questions, but I will try a limit it a bit.

1) To clarify, is this actual live traffic (code written into the program of live world wide traffic based upon live radar returns) or built in schedules? 
2) Will I be able to replace the AI models that come with program with the models I wish to use, for instance if I want to substitute and use FAIB or FSP models in place of whatever models come with the program?
3)  Will I be able to utilize specialty liveries, such as star alliance, special promotional tails such as Frontier, aircraft with new colors when they change their livery etc and change them as I see fit within the program to match real world?
4)  Will I be able to add aircraft types (say I wanted to add a Beech 65 Queen for Bemidji) and airlines (even small cargo carriers, etc) that you many not provide in the original release?
5) Very intrigued that you were able to rewrite the AI approaches.  That is worth the price of admission.  Will AI work as it does now with current AFCADS?  

It's obviously huge deal if this can be made compatible with P3D V4 64 bit.  Thanks in advance. 

P3D 3.2

Posted By: keino333
Date Posted: March-20-2017 at 7:56am
Will it automatically recognize native FSX/P3D AI if I take them from my existing UTII (2016 and new models) so I don't have to go in and reassign each one?

Posted By: tedporter
Date Posted: March-20-2017 at 9:03am

Will you be able to run the application on a second networked PC to reduce some of the processing overhead and then update the main FS PC via Simconnect or FSUIPC?


Posted By: Sabre
Date Posted: March-20-2017 at 2:41pm
Originally posted by tedporter tedporter wrote:


Will you be able to run the application on a second networked PC to reduce some of the processing overhead and then update the main FS PC via Simconnect or FSUIPC?


Yes, I'm interested too.


Posted By: FlyTweety
Date Posted: March-21-2017 at 12:16pm
I really looking forward to the day, when the marketing speech will be replaced by hard facts!

What does UT live REALLY do?
What means the "LIVE", live schedules based on traffic bords, live in terms of "allways under control" like PSXseecon, i don´t know.

Currently im not interested in statistics but interested how UT live generate and control AI Traffic. Is it still "AI" or like PSXseecon "Copy & Paste" from reality?

And the major question: How will UTL interact with me and own traffic in terms of SID/STAR, keep the seperation, kollision avoidance on ground...
So many open questions.

Call me "Tweety"

Posted By: ahuimanu
Date Posted: March-21-2017 at 12:28pm
Hi Steve,

We needed this yesterday!  I have recently returned to VATSIM and, while it is rewarding, coverage and audio quality remain issues.  Ever since moving to P3D, I've missed UT appreciably.  Sometimes I just want to be in the AI environment and see traffic at the airports.  I always appreciated how optimized UT was and warmly welcome its return.

Posted By: Steve Halpern
Date Posted: March-21-2017 at 6:47pm
We will post more info shortly.

In the mean time, here is what was posted in another forum thread...

To clarify what UTLive is about (in a short summary)...

We do not mean to cause any confusion. It is not connected to a data feed, which is limited and does not have worldwide coverage and non-airline traffic.

The actual core simulation is completely rewritten to behave very different from its predecessor.

Of course some configuration settings are the same, but that would be obviously universal to this type of product. Generic repaints can now be toggled on or off is a new option, as well as other options that are that were not part of UT2. (Edit - Generic repaints will be disabled by default).

Now, the live aspect, or you could say "living", is that cause and effect is factored into the simulator.

UT2 was completely static. Every step was hard-set in the data. You start at Tuesday at noon, you get XYZ. You start at Tuesday at noon again, you get the exact same XYZ. If weather was different, it would not matter.

The new simulation is not preset on data points at intervals along a route. Note the size of UT2. UTLive is actually considerably smaller because of the new engine. Maybe 66% smaller.  With the simulation engine using flight plans, it helps us have more fluid control of the world you see and are flying in.

A plane may be delayed because of weather conditions in various regions. There may be maintenance delays. And this effects the entire ecosystem. When a plane is delayed, it affects its arrival, and next departure. Bad weather in a region may cause many delays in another region that has good weather, as planes have not arrived yet. So the simulator responds accordingly, even to a single flight delay.

Each time you load UTLive, the experience would be different. It is not a static experience, it is more a "living" environment,

This is how the product is being built. We want more chances for you will see a plane along the real-world route you may be flying. We want it to be more of a real experience all-around for simmers.

Steve Halpern

Flight One Software

Posted By: domc712
Date Posted: March-22-2017 at 9:04am
Will the UTLive engine have any control over AI separation, dynamic airpseeds, particularly on final approaches?

One thing I really hope would be implemented is a kind of "select all" feature when editing flights in the UT2 Flight Options menu. This way when editing flight densities and repaints, you're able to do multiple if not all flights simultaneously rather than the long-winded one-by-one process.

Posted By: simsuper80
Date Posted: March-22-2017 at 10:08am
is the a350 and 787-9 in there?

Posted By: FlyTweety
Date Posted: March-22-2017 at 1:42pm
Thank you for reply.
Now i understand better what "live" is standing for.
Interesting attempt. Though i literaly can hear the complaints "i cannot see flight xxx, the Aircraft should be there at 12:00..."

And the anwer will allways be "the flightplan is ok, the flight is delayed, that´ś live" .

But will the new engine will go so far that flights will be diverted to other Airports in the vincity due to bad weather or return to the origin Airport because of a "medical emergency"?

By the way, will there be a switch/ slider to have influence to the "live" aspect?
Because, what i really appreciate at UT2 is the possibility to reassign Aircrafts and Liverys at runtime and reset the traffic. For testing purposes is was perfect to reinject traffic at a certain time at a certain place without restarting the sim

Looking forward to more detailed informations. Especially to approaches, will is use the default system (c**p), will it bring a own system, or maybe even better, will it work "seamless" with Roland Forsters AI Controller (promising, but still under development). I would appreciate it

Call me "Tweety"

Posted By: diseased
Date Posted: March-22-2017 at 4:15pm
will GA aircraft also be subject to delays? I have to admit, when using UT2 and watching C152s flying in 200 and 1/2 or icing conditions does reduce the realism for us GA flyers.

It would be a neat feature to limit aircraft types to equipment configurations or reasonable flights (152s mostly VFR pattern work while barrons do mostly cross country all weather)

Posted By: RALF9636
Date Posted: March-23-2017 at 2:46am
I am excited to see there will be a new version of Ultimate Traffic!
Would you please consider to extend the options to control the performance hit of the AI traffic.
I imagine something like this:
Let the user define the departure and arrival airports and then have two separate traffic density settings - one for all the flights in and out of only these two airports and one separately for all flights in and out of all other airports.
So for example you could fly into KLGA with a setting of 100 % for the departure and arrival to have all the traffic there. But you could have the setting for all other airports (including KJFK, KEWR and KTEB) set far lower or even to zero. So all the aircraft in and out of - or parked at - the surrounding airports (that you would rarely even see but that still heavily affect the performance) could be eliminated.
I guess that would help a lot with performance in particular when flying into a major hub in a dense city area with a lot of other airports around.
Thank you!

Posted By: FlyTweety
Date Posted: March-23-2017 at 12:09pm
When he makes it similar to UT2 it is already easy.

You simply open the UT2 Menue, put the slider on 100% at the hillbilly Airport and while on enroute, you move the slider to 40% and reset the traffic. That's it.

Call me "Tweety"

Posted By: RALF9636
Date Posted: March-23-2017 at 12:17pm
Yes, that's what I do. But then I will also only have 40 % at my arrival airport. If I want all the traffic at my arrival airport I have to increase the slider again. But then all the traffic at the other airports nearby also is increased - eating up performance without really been seen.
That's why I'd like to have different sliders for my arrival airport and all the others.

Posted By: brettjblog
Date Posted: March-24-2017 at 6:30am
Originally posted by simsuper80 simsuper80 wrote:

is the a350 and 787-9 in there?

Yes i can confirm this to be true.
Regards Brett.

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