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UT Classic Repaints Metro III Edition

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Topic: UT Classic Repaints Metro III Edition
Posted By: dpecher
Subject: UT Classic Repaints Metro III Edition
Date Posted: March-16-2018 at 11:13am
When I started this block (2 days ago) I thought it would be a matter of one or two repaints. I couldn't have been more wrong about this. I ended up having to do 14 repaints Confused, not least because lost so many files back in 2009. 

Like always, first the models: 

1. Metro III" rel="nofollow - by Dee Waldron . An old model from a well-known author. It's rather ugly though. Don't mix that up with the model on the Tomkiewicz page, unless you like neo-green cockpit windows. 

2." rel="nofollow - DJC Metro III by Craig Ritchie. This is the de-facto standard model and all repaints I made are for this model. A" rel="nofollow - Paintkit is available on

Usually I do a 'not painted' here, but I painted them all, including two semi-fictional models as the flights for ABX Airborne Express and DHL Inc. were done by smaller airlines, but I couldn't find out which, so I made repaints of their respective standard livery at the time. 

Okay, the pictures...

The first one is Aerolitoral Sociedad Anonima de Capital Variable, known as Aeromexico Connect in later years. 

Next in line is ABX Airborne Express. As mentioned before, this was almost certainly operated for ABX by a smaller airline, so if anyone knows which airline was flying for ABX between San Antonio and Corpus Christie in late 2003, let me know. 

After I had done this one of Air Columbia (from Italy) I found out that there actually is an existing one on It had become so used to them almost certainly having lost older repaints, I hadn't bothered to search. 

Two in one on the ramp in Winnipeg. The semi-fictional DHL repaint and Bearskin Airlines in the background. There are existing repaints for Bearskin, but only the Bear-Paw livery that hadn't been introduced yet in 2003. 

Two Big Sky Airlines birds on the ramp at Billings, Montana. 

Back to Canadaland. Here we have a Canadian Western Airlines machine on the ramp at Vancouver

On the other side of the pond this Metro of Flugfelag Islands is preparing for its flight to Akureyri.

This one confused me a bit. Didn't Hazelton go under in 2001? How did they make it into a 2003 schedule?

An early morning shot of the ramp at Colombo, Sri Lanka with the Serendib Express repaint that's take me two hours to get that darn alignment between fuselage and tail right. 

Seen here in ultra-low altitude flight (actually an AFCAD bug) is Sunshine Express from Australia.

The next one is Superior Aviation  Inc. Well their livery designers apparently weren't that superior. 

And last but not least, Transair of Australia

Some of you might have noticed that some repaints need some more refinement (like the dorsal fins on the Sunshine Express paint). I'm aware of that, but for the moment I'd rather get the basic paints done and refine them later before publishing. 

Dan "Airbrake" Pecher

Posted By: cgold
Date Posted: February-03-2021 at 12:02am
Where do I find these wonderful Metro’s?!?

Smoke and Noise...

Posted By: cgold
Date Posted: October-17-2021 at 12:18pm
Hate to bump this post but does anyone have these Metro repaints?

Smoke and Noise...

Posted By: ScottecLEMD
Date Posted: October-18-2021 at 11:07am
I use AIG manager to locate the airline and then see if there is a livery. Saves trudging through all the individual repaint sites. Not foolproof. 

Ken Brattey

Posted By: cgold
Date Posted: October-18-2021 at 3:10pm
Thanks Ken! I tried that and I’m not getting these Metro’s sadly. Could I look anywhere else for them? Not seeing them on Avsim of Flightsim either.

Smoke and Noise...

Posted By: ScottecLEMD
Date Posted: October-19-2021 at 1:55am
well there are a bunch of sites - just add fsx repaint to the names below in a google search

flying carpet
kyle AI

these are some of the more popular ones. i’ll see if i am find any later. 

Ken Brattey

Posted By: ScottecLEMD
Date Posted: October-19-2021 at 6:13am" rel="nofollow - Metro – JCAI" rel="nofollow - Perimeter Aviation Metroliner II + III – Juergen's paint hangar (

Maybe not the ones you need but....not sure where the painter has hosted the repaints.  Might be worth sending him a message??

Ken Brattey

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