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Whats the Best ATC for UTL

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Topic: Whats the Best ATC for UTL
Posted By: Skoop
Subject: Whats the Best ATC for UTL
Date Posted: July-10-2019 at 2:22am
I'm on a quest to find the best ATC addon for UTL.

I've looked at :


Can't determine wich one would work the best. I want one that can see, advise of, talk to AI. Also advises on the ground of AI conflicts / directs during taxing.

Please chime in advise or impressions of these or any others that I disn't list.

Posted By: Querer
Date Posted: July-10-2019 at 3:45am
I use ProATC/X as ATC addon. While it is far from being complete and free of errors, it does support ground handling of AI pretty well. Some pros and cons:
- with the current nav database, ProATC/X and your addon aircraft with the same database works very well together and SID and STARs can be followed easily.
- flightplanning is simple, imports from SimBrief and other planning addons is easy
- you can already tell the program at which gate you want to go on your arrival airport, with the moving map it is easy to find the gate even on a foreign airport
- the voices are actually pretty good
- adding more voices for different dialects is cumbersome and complicated
- the database for aircraft and especially for certain airlines is outdated and not linked to the sim (otherwise EditVoicePack could correct this)
- you need to turn off (or the volume to zero) the normal ATC, otherwise you get a mess between ProATC/X ATC and default ATC
- ProATC/X is not able to determine if an airway is one-way only. This can lead to annoying mismatches between a ProATC/X generated flightplan and the aircraft addon FMC. Using an external flightplanner alleviates this issue.
- although I update both ProATC/X and addon aircraft with the same navdatabase source (Navigraph), some discrepancies remain
- sometimes, if weather changes and update rates in the sim do not match, it can happen that you do not land on the same runways as AI does, in the worst case even against the departing AI. As ProATC/X handles AI as well, this is only a minor issue.
All in all, ProATC/X is a solid ATC addon I would not like to miss anymore for my IFR flights. Not perfect, but none of the ATC addons is...

Posted By: Skoop
Date Posted: July-10-2019 at 1:18pm
That's a great breakdown, thanks for the input. It's interesting to here that the ground handling is good, they must have improved that. I found an old thread about complaints of bad ground good to here that the latest version of proatcx does ok with it.

I really want to find a good ATC for UTL, I feel it's the best overall package when you weigh in the ease of use and the light fps footprint compared to bgl traffic.

I know many people say AIG is the best traffic, but that's a bgl

Posted By: ThomasAH
Date Posted: July-12-2019 at 2:22am
PF3 works well with UTL, too.
The only problem is the outdated list of airline names, in this case PF3 speaks the 3-letter ICAO code instead of the airline name.

Posted By: Dave_YVRATC
Date Posted: July-12-2019 at 3:21am
Originally posted by Skoop Skoop wrote:

I know many people say AIG is the best traffic, but that's a bgl

 So you think there is an issue with BGL based traffic? Just curious.

Posted By: Skoop
Date Posted: July-12-2019 at 1:43pm
Yes, c**p FPS compared to UTL. I have AIG OIC installed and love it, but I fly KLAX all the time and even with my i9 OC @ 5.2, it's still at 20 to 15 FPS.

I can have the same amount of traffic running in UTL with 10 to 15 FPS more.

Who cares how real your AI schedules are if it's a slide show, were here to fly not watch AI. I just need it believable and light on FPS which UTL does.

F1, should pay the AIG guys to port everything over to the UTL system, that truly would be AI heaven. That's really all the UTL customers complain about is the repaints and schedules, which AIG has.

Posted By: Dave_YVRATC
Date Posted: July-12-2019 at 2:48pm
It's got nothing to do with bgl traffic causing the slow down. If you are getting large drops in fps between the two it's more likely from UTL having much less traffic in your bubble (use traffic explorer from the sdk to check).

Posted By: Skoop
Date Posted: July-12-2019 at 3:15pm
That's exactly my point, UTL keeps the traffic at a manageable level, though it might not be every airline with every real schedule. Atleast it's a flyable fps. I haven't found a way to limit the AI in AIG.

Posted By: Dave_YVRATC
Date Posted: July-12-2019 at 4:18pm
Just like UTL, it's up to each user to configure the traffic to their system capabilities. With bgl traffic you set the traffic percentage. The OCI needs to be set to randomize the traffic from 1-100%.
All in all, displaying 100, 200, or 300+ etc ai aircraft whether it's UTL, or bgl based will result in near identical frame rates.

Posted By: Skoop
Date Posted: July-13-2019 at 5:06am
Much more of a hassle doing it in AIG it seems to me. I have it fully installed and I still can't see in the interface how you set the traffic percentages. If you talking the 1% min 1% max thing in the settings tab, that only makes the traffic be 0 or max. To get more control, I've heard of a legacy tool called AIFP, cant find it on the AIG site.

Posted By: Dave_YVRATC
Date Posted: July-13-2019 at 11:53am
It's really very simple but setting 1% min and 1% max is pointless if you are looking to have any control over the amount of traffic being displayed. 1% min and 100% max and can adjust it to suit your needs. Keep in mind you should have set this before installing any airlines as they will still be set to what you had before. That is where AIFP comes in handy as it can readjust them all at once from the Bulk Traffic options.
 AIFP is available from it's developers site at" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Skoop
Date Posted: July-14-2019 at 5:34am
Gotcha, that makes sense now. Thanks.

Posted By: Skoop
Date Posted: July-14-2019 at 3:45pm
So, I loaded everything up in AIFP, there's a lot of detail in there. Interesting that it can control UTL AI plans as well.

So, if I'm understanding this correctly, I set AI OIC flight plans at 1% min 100% max in the settings tab of OIC.

I use AIFP to adjust the activity of all AI already installed by OIC. I see the bulk feature, do I select everthing and set that to 1% min 100% max ?

Once I do that, can I now control the amount of traffic with the P3D UI traffic slider ?

Meaning if I want 50% traffic, set the slider to 50% in P3D and I'll get half of whats available in AIG ?

Posted By: Dave_YVRATC
Date Posted: July-14-2019 at 7:33pm
Exactly right.

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