Preview - Ultimate Traffic II by Flight One Software

Flight One Software is excited to preview user interface pictures of our upcoming Ultimate Traffic II product, as well as provide a free Ultimate Traffic II Traffic Viewer utility that you can download to get a touch of what Ultimate Traffic II is all about.

Ultimate Traffic II is the next-generation version of Flight1's popular air traffic simulator for Flight Simulator. This version will be for FSX, and will provide real-world airline traffic schedules that will be followed by the AI traffic in FSX. We wanted to give you a little preview of the upcoming product interface. Please note that these are beta pictures, and things can change between now and release. We can say that UTII has been in beta testing for some weeks now.

The startup screen with traffic stats. Note the traffic statitics in our database using real airline schedules.

The Ultimate Traffic II Status Board.

Some of the options you can assign to AI aircraft.

One of the live animated traffic maps (note that this map is reduced in size to fit this web page). Different
airlines can be highlighted with different colors. What you see here will be close to what you see in FSX.

Want to see more? Download the Ultimate Traffic II Traffic Viewer tool. This tool is free, and it loads special files that show you traffic snapshots. It shows you the state of the traffic that you will likely see in FSX (depending on how you adjust the traffic density settings).

To use this tool, you will need the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework installed. You can get this through Windows Update, or you may click this link to download the .NET 3.5 Framework directly. After downloading the tool below, simply unzip all files into a folder on your computer, load the UT2Preview.exe program, and browse to the .UTI files included in the zip file (12 traffic snapshots are included). Make sure you mouse over the aircraft to get flight information.

Click Here to Download (56MB)

Ultimate Traffic II is developed and published by Flight One Software, working in partnership with Flag Mountain Software. Flight One and Flag Mountain are working to make this the most intriguing and exciting traffic product released for Flight Simulator.

Copyright 2008 Flight One Software, Inc.