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UT Classic Original 2003 Schedule Assignments

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Topic: UT Classic Original 2003 Schedule Assignments
Posted By: dpecher
Subject: UT Classic Original 2003 Schedule Assignments
Date Posted: April-20-2019 at 11:07am
Okay, so after more than a year I've finally done all the missing paints, weeded out the codeshare duplicates and so on, so starting from today, I'll post assignment guides for the Original 2003 schedule that comes with the Ultimate Traffic classic install (which is still available on the Flight1 site)

For those who wonder why I bother putting so much work into a 15 year old schedule: 

1. The accuracy is much better than that of later schedule updates which were riddled by a myriad of errernous data. 

2. Back in the day the airport looked much better than the modern uniform sea of Airbii 32x and Boeings 73x. It has a certain nostalgia to it to encounter old 727 bangers and russian metal in copious amounts. 

3. Once everything is setup in FS2004, it's (relatively) easy, if perhaps somewhat time consuming, to create a FSX conversion and together with the custimizable AI Sounds in FSX you can take FSX to the next level. 

We'll begin with the first block  - the Fokker 100. 

Posted By: dpecher
Date Posted: April-20-2019 at 11:09am
UT Classic December 2003 schedule

Assignment Guide for 100 - Fokker 100

The Fokker 100 is one of the few assignment categories where each and every repaint is available on the usual sites, although some are harder to find than others (CCM comes to mind)

Base Models

1." rel="nofollow - AI Aardvark F100  
2." rel="nofollow - Fernando Martinez F70/F100  


1. Air France              " rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark) use variation with small 'Regionale' titles
2. Air France o/b Regional CAE" rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark) use variation with large 'Regionale' titles
3. Air France o/b Brit Air" rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark)
4. Alliance Air Pty Ltd.  " rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark)
5. Alpi Eagles            " rel="nofollow - ( (FMAI)
6. American Airlines      " rel="nofollow - ( (AIA Aardvark)
7. BMI British Midland    " rel="nofollow - ( (AIA Aardvark)
8. CCM Airlines            " rel="nofollow - ( (FMAI)
9. Germania Fluggesellschaft mbH" rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark)
10. Iran Air              " rel="nofollow - ( (FMAI)
11. Iran Aseman Airlines  " rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark)
12. KLM o/b KLM Cityhopper" rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark)
13. Korean Airlines        " rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark)
14. Mandarin Airlines      " rel="nofollow - ( (AI Ardvark)
15. Mexicana de Aviacion  " rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark)
16. Montenegro Airlines    " rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark)
17. P.T. Pelita Air Service" rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark)
18. Portugalia            " rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark)
19. PT. Merpati Nusantara  " rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark)
20. Skywest Airlines Pty Ltd." rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark)
21. TAM Linhas Aeras      " rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark)
22. Transportes Aereos del Mercosur" rel="nofollow - ( (AI Aardvark)
23. Yanda o/b Norfolk Express" rel="nofollow - ( (FMAI)


1. Air France main line never operated the F100 themselves, that is why it makes sense to assign a Regionale CAE repaint as indicated. 

2. The Norfolk Express repaint is a half-half Alliance Air/Norfolk Express hybrid that was introduced in early 2004. At the time of the original UT schedule (Dec. 2003) they were still flying in full Alliance air livery. 

3. Some of the repaints (Air France, KLM) do come with the FMAI base model, but the AI Aardvark Fokker is looking better and easier on framerates. 

4. Some of the repaint packages come in different variations, but since you have little influence over where certain repaints are deployed, it doesn't really make much sense to install more than one repaint per entry. 

next in line the BAE 146 and Avros

Dan "Airbrake" Pecher

Posted By: eddwinch82
Date Posted: June-13-2019 at 5:42pm
Hi Dan (dpecher),

Many thanks for all your hard work, especially in doing all the missing repaints. Could you update this thread asap, with the missing repaints you have done. I have the majority of the Repaints, needed for the Ultimate Traffic Classic December 2003 Airline Schedule, but still have many missing. 

Someone wrote a Python Computer Language Code for me, to download all the Repaints for each Project AI Aircraft type, from the Original Project AI Website. And the Flight1 Repaints .utu files, from a old year 2007 page, on this Website. Here are the Website Links, If you would like to download, the original Project AI Repaints yourself, or if other people would like to download them. I know they are not as good for framerates, but some people may want them :-" rel="nofollow -  (Scroll down to the last post, on the first page in the Thread, for the relevant Code for downloading the .utu Files)" rel="nofollow -  (For downloading the original Project AI Aircraft Airline Repaints)
People will need to download and install the latest version of Python. But the Python Forum tells you how to install it, and the other associated needed Modules. Or could they be uploaded by me to this forum ? I have organized them on my computer, in a similar way to how you have. There are several thousand, so that may not be possible ?

Best Regards

Eddie Winch

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