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How to make UTL-version1-120.exe work in P3Dv5.3

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Topic: How to make UTL-version1-120.exe work in P3Dv5.3
Posted By: jakhanis78
Subject: How to make UTL-version1-120.exe work in P3Dv5.3
Date Posted: November-24-2022 at 8:13am
I hope someone still supporting Ultimate Traffic Live-version1-120.exe. I need a step by step guide on how can I get Ultimate Traffic Live-version1-120.exe working in Prepar3D verison 5.3. Installed fresh P3D verison 5.3 on SSD drive. Read following forums" rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow - l. The forums both reference to files UTL add-on.xml and simobjects.cfg to get UTLv1 working with P3Dv5.3. Cannot find these files no matter how many times I've searched. Is there another solution?

I did try Ultimate Traffic Live-version2. Its a nice update but not a lot of options like UTL version 1 still in beta stage.  I do have "Just Flight Traffic Global" it doesn't generate live traffic like UTLv1. I've heard of AIG traffic. Having a hard time figuring how to get that software.

If I can get a step by step guide to Ultimate Traffic Live-version1-120.exe to work with P3DV5.3 that would be greatful. I prefer to use Ultimate Traffic Live-version1. Its a better product. If possible. Can someone from support or in the forums. Send me the files UTL add-on.xml and simobjects.cfg. So I can hopefully get UTLv1 to with P3Dv5.3. I hope to hear from support soon.

Posted By: Dave_YVRATC
Date Posted: November-25-2022 at 12:34pm
 UTL doesn't generate Live Traffic at all, it's schedule based from when I forget, but it's not very recent these days.
 Traffic Global I would NOT recommend, ALL traffic flying at the same altitude regardless of their direction of flight or leg length, I also found there to be probably more fake city pairings than real ones.

 UTL V2 had promise to be better than v1, but it has been abandoned. I'd suggest either stick with V1 or learn how to install AIG as it is that much better with updated models for P3d v5. 

Posted By: jakhanis78
Date Posted: November-26-2022 at 1:52am
That sucks. Im currently trying some solutions Im seeing in the forums to get UTLv1 to work. Even this suggestion" rel="nofollow - . Other then that. Im not sure what to do. 

Posted By: Dave_YVRATC
Date Posted: November-28-2022 at 9:21pm
 UTL V1 worked well in P3d v5, but it did require some user input. Unfortunately, I haven't used it now for a couple of years so I don't recall the steps.  It wasn't difficult though. 

 Off the top of my head would be to add your UTL Simobjects to the Simobjects.cfg for V5 and then manually start UTL. If you don't also have P3d V4 or earlier installed, then from what I remember the UTL Gui will not work properly.

 Once I tried PSXT live traffic, I just couldn't go back to anything else. 

Posted By: ScottecLEMD
Date Posted: December-11-2022 at 7:18am
Hi Dave,

Tell me more about PSXT - not heard of that.

Ken Brattey

Posted By: ScottecLEMD
Date Posted: December-11-2022 at 7:25am
I have UTL in P3D V5 working as follows, but with P3Dv4 already installed.

Copy the utLive folder for P3DV43 from:

C:\Users\username\Documents\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons


C:\Users\username\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons

in the C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 folder, open and edit the:-

simobjects.cfg file to manually add and entry pointing to your UTLive e.g.

Title=utLive Aircraft

This item is necessary if you want to use the UTL Desktop programme to add/amend repaints etc.

Now, run P3D V5 and enable UTLive when prompted.

Ken Brattey

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